What are the Adult League Rules?

7.0 and 8.0 LEAGUE RULES


  1. Captains are the central source of information for their teams, it is recommended that the captain obtain contact information for all teammates prior to the start of the season
  2. Captains are responsible for contacting opposing captain regarding any changes to upcoming matches, allowable changes only include:
  3. Change in match start time
  4. Make-up matches due to inclement weather
  5. Captains are responsible for arranging for substitute player if required. Substitutes allowed are only those who play in the league at your level or below.
  6. Captains shall report final game scores to the Program Coordinator or assigned designee after each match
  7. Captains shall provide 1 can of balls for each match

League Rules:


  1. Format:
    1. 2 Mixed Doubles Matches (visiting team serves first in 1st mixed match, home team serves first in 2nd mixed match)
  2. Each match is 2 out of 3 sets, switching sides ever odd game, 3rd set will be a super tiebreaker (first to 10 by a margin of 2)
    1. Standard tennis game scoring format during the set. At a 7-point tiebreaker shall be played, The set is ‘Goh by the team that reaches 7 by a margin of 2.
    2. 10-Point tiebreaker format: P i, First server serVes 1 point all others start serving from ad court and serve 2 point ii. Change sides every 6 points iii. Winner must win by 2 points, continue play until a team reaches 10 point by a margin of 2
    3. No-ad scoring format, At deuce, the receiving team decides which side to receive serve. In mixed doubles, men serve to men and women serve to women.
    4. Winner of match:
    5. At the end of play games won will be how the winner is determined. If there is a tie in games, then a final super tiebreaker will be played by the number 1 team from each team, the winner of the super tiebreaker will determine the winner of the night.
  3. A player can be substituted during the match (same gender) at the end of the first set. Once a

player has been replaced; he/she may not return to the match.

  1. All matches must be played on the date scheduled. The only exception is for inclement weather.
Court Maintenance Issues

If any issue is present at either course such as, lights, nets, fencing, debris or overall in bad conditions, please contact the court committee below.

Contact Court Committee