Richmond Hill Rec Courts

508 Timber Trail
Richmond Hill, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Adult League Rules?

The following rules apply to the 8.0 League only:

  1. Format / Order of play:
    • Men’s and Women’s Doubles (home team serves first)
    • Men’s and Women’s Singles (visiting team serves first)
    • 2 Mixed Doubles Matches (visiting team serves first in 1st mixed match, home team serves first in 2nd mixed match)
  2. Each match is 1 set, switching sides every 4 games, 9-point tie breaker is played at 5 games all
    • 9-Point tiebreaker format (First team to 5 points wins the set):
      • Each player serves twice starting on deuce side of court
      • Change sides every 4 points
  3. At 4 points all, the last person serving serves the final point
  4. No-ad scoring format. At deuce, the receiving team decides which side to receive serve.  In mixed doubles, men serve to men and women serve to women.
  5. The winner is determined by the total number of games won after all matches are played.
  6. Overtime:
    • At the end of the 2nd mixed doubles match if the leading team has won the set the match is over, however, if the trailing team wins the set, then teams continue to overtime
    • In overtime, play continues until the leading team wins a game or the trailing team ties the total game score
    • In the event the trailing team ties the game score the teams will continue to a Super Tiebreaker
  7. Super Tiebreaker:
    • First team to 7 points wins the Super Tiebreaker
    • Each player serves 2 serves beginning on the deuce court, changing sides every 4 points
    • At 6 – 6 the final server serves the last point, men serving to men and women serving to women, the winner wins the 2nd mixed doubles match and the overall team match.
    • The tiebreaker is scored as 1 game in total game scoring
  8. A player can be substituted during the match (same gender). Once a player has been replaced, he/she may not return to the match.  In mixed doubles, only players who have not played in mixed matches can be used as substitutes.
Court Maintenance Issues

If any issue is present at either course such as, lights, nets, fencing, debris or overall in bad conditions, please contact the court committee below.

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